Austria – Vienna (The Canals)

I go to seek a great perhaps.” – Anonymous


Hey friends!

If you ever find yourself in Vienna, make sure you explore the canals! It’s actually legal to paint in the canals in this area. The graffiti is very beautiful here. There’s some very talented artists in the area.


Another cool thing is that they are pretty respectful of the other artists here. If a spot is taken, they try not to paint over top of another artist’s work. They do what they can to find a new spot. (This doesn’t always happen, but our teacher has talked to a few of the graffiti artists in the area before and they said people are generally respectful.)


This one was actually one of my favorites. It’s creepy, but very well-done. And it’s one that can be easily missed. So, I wanted to point it out.

DSCN0955 (1)

These were really unique! They’re basically cross-stitching with ribbon across the fencing.

DSCN0962 (1)DSCN0969

I also loved this one. The owl is very elegant, and almost proud. I thought it was beautiful.

DSCN0983DSCN0984 (1)

Then there’s this fancy mushroom guy.


Thanks for reading!



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