Belgium – Brussels

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous


Hey friends!

  • Praying for Brussels! I was able to go here in the beginning of my GEO semester. This was nearly two months before the bombing in Brussels. It’s scary to think we were there so recently. God was definitely looking out for us!

We had a great time in Brussels! It was a bit of a dreary day for the weather. However, it didn’t rain on us. The rain held off until we were leaving that evening. So, we were able to stay dry during our venturing through the city.

DSCN2001DSCN2004 (1)DSCN2019DSCN2021 (1)

Belgium is famous for waffles and chocolate, right? So we made sure to try a bit of both while actually in Belgium.


I got my waffle with ice cream on it. It was delicious!


We also did a little thrift store shopping while we were there. I found a wall of Chucks and that made me happy. So, naturally I had to document it.


The marketplace was cool, but we didn’t end up spending much time there.


We also visited a little used book store. Some books were in English, though most were German or French.


And then there’s this guy that Belgium seems pretty proud of. So, we decided to go. The statue was much smaller than any of us were expecting,


I think we were able to see all of the more prominent structures in Brussels. It was a nice visit.

Thanks for reading!



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