Poland – Krakow

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca


Hey friends!

Krakow was an incredibly beautiful city! It was much cleaner than most of the European cities I’ve visited, and there were open spaces, cute markets and great prices. We had a guide named Barbara (she is an amazing person!) who helped us to explore the city a bit, and took us to Auschwitz the next day.


After arriving in the city, we were released to go explore for ourselves. We ate breakfast first, then started walking.


We heard a trumpet when we were walking beside a church building. After looking around a bit, I found him!


It wasn’t long before we found the market! Most of the street performers hung out around the big open space in front of the market. There were many fun stores, and many, many pigeons.


Later, we joined up again with our guide Barbara and walked to the castle hill.


The view of the river was beautiful!


While exploring the city, we saw the same horses three times throughout the day. (They will appear again later in the post).


Here they are for the second time!


The last time we saw the horses, we finally saw the owner with them. He let a couple kids get on their backs and pet them. Cute horses!


This guy is incredible! I actually ended up getting his CD. He’s got a real gift, and I very much enjoy the CD.


Krakow was one of those cities that just comes to life at night. Though beautiful during the day, the city is full of street performers and other fun things at night (like the dragon I will show in a minute!).


The dragon actually spits fire at night, but it’s completely unexpected with no sound to warn you. So, it’s hard to get a good picture of it. I sat there for fifteen minutes with my camera trained on it. Nothing happened. When I was finally about to give up, the dragon came to life! So, I was not prepared for it, and my picture turned out super blurry. So, I apologize for that.


The artists were all very talented in Krakow! I think this contributed a lot to how much I enjoyed my visit there!



Thanks for reading!



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