Hungary – Budapest

Let’s get away from it all.” – Anonymous


Hey friends!

Budapest was our weekend to relax, and not have any deadlines. We always have so much going on during our weeks in Vienna, then we go on trips during the weekend where we try to do everything we can in one country in just three days. So, Budapest, we decided not to plan anything. We decided to simply go there and explore, free of responsibilities.


After we found our apartment, we took a little walk, and got to the bridge. We walked across just to see what was on the other side.

DSCN2617DSCN2623 (1)

After that, we went back to the apartment to have dinner and watch a movie together. We set out in the morning and headed to the market.


We each got our souvenirs, then headed back over the bridge to climb the stairs on the other side.

DSCN2635 (1)DSCN2673 (4)DSCN2682 (1)DSCN2686DSCN2691

It was a great view!


We also took a river cruise that night! It was a great weekend!

DSCN2762 (1)

Thanks for reading!



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