Italy – Rome

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine


Hey friends!

Visiting Rome was amazing! There are so many ruins everywhere. There was also some very nice weather there. The temperature was perfect. Sunny, with a nice breeze. It was so comfortable. We all really enjoyed it.

Along with the ruins and the lovely weather, we enjoyed lots of pasta!


Our first stop in Rome was the Vatican. The Vatican is home to many, many works of art, items of historical significance, and the Sistine Chapel! I can’t explain how incredible it was to see the Sistine Chapel in person. Such a magnificent work of art!

DSCN2853DSCN2875 (1)

Anyone watch Doctor Who? How would you like to meet these weeping angels?


There were exhibits about ancient Egypt in the Vatican as well. The Vatican is a vast area housing a lot of historical artifacts. If you go, definitely give yourself most of the day to see it all. Also, grab a map that can show you the highlights, so you don’t miss anything important.


The hall of maps was really cool. The maps were very unique and many had creatures lurking from the waters.


A couple of us took the opportunity to climb up the stairs at St. Peter’s Basillica. The view from up there was incredible.


We were at the top of this building here. There was also an area on the way up that we stopped at to take pictures and check out a little gift shop / cafe.


Inside the Basillica, we saw a beautiful pieta by Michelangelo, called the Lamentation of Christ.


After the Vatican, we went out to explore and eventually find a place to eat dinner.


I could not stop taking pictures with this sky! I love the dense clouds with sunlight shining so brilliantly behind them.

DSCN3075 (1)DSCN3082DSCN3092DSCN3093DSCN3097

The next morning, we went to the Colosseum. This massive structure was so interesting to explore. We had a very good guide who took us through a lot of the Colosseum as well as up the Sacred Road behind the Colosseum.


After meeting at the Colosseum, we were taken down the Sacred Road first and got to explore some of the ruins there as well as got a great view of the whole area from higher up. (The picture below is one of umbrella pines. They are actually formed that way, that’s not how they naturally grow.)


After exploring, we came back to the Colosseum to make our entry time.


It was very cool inside. Huge space, with lots of tunnels. Most of the seating that was originally formed has gone away. The place is still incredible, though!


After the Colosseum, we explored again. Came across some cool buildings, among which was the Pantheon!


I think my favorite thing about Rome was the fountains full of clean drinking water everywhere! People brought water bottles around with them and filled them up in the cool running waters. One particular fountain was unique because it had a small hole at the top. If you plugged up the main faucet with your hand, then water would shoot out of the small hole at the top for you to drink. We all took turns drinking from it. The water was so nice and refreshing!


As we explored, we found an invisible man!


Then, of course, what trip to Rome is complete without the Trevi Fountain? I was told that it is better to see it at night, so I went after dinner with a group. We got a chance to throw in coins according to our wishes! According to legend, throwing in one coin (right hand over left shoulder) is to wish that you will return to Rome, a second coin is to find love, and the third is to get married. At least, this is what I was told.



Thanks for reading!




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