Slovakia – Bratislava

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” -William Feather


Hey friends!

We didn’t do a lot of exploring in Bratislava. Due to very unfortunate events (you have probably heard about the horrible bombing in Brussels), our Spring Break plans had to be canceled. We were asked to stay in safer areas, places with less tourist attractions, out of the way of the places more likely to be hit. So, instead of the original plan of London, Scotland, and Ireland, we are trying to do smaller day-trips to places closer by. This left us rather unprepared. We are kind of making it up as we go.


Bratislava, in certain areas, looks like a town of dollhouses.


The buildings are colorful and kind of quirky.


We even found a church that was completely blue. I like the blue church! It looks peaceful. Serene.


It was very fun to walk through the city just to see the architecture.


We walked past a couple of really interesting things in the city while we were out exploring. The subway tunnels were decorated with some beautiful graffiti.


We also passed a one-man band on the corner.

Our goal was to get to a park we had heard about, Horsky Park. We had to walk up a very steep hill for quite a while to get there. Once we found the park, we saw that it wasn’t much but benches, and a very tall staircase. More climbing.


We decided to sit for a minute, catch our breath, then take on the stairs. We assumed there would be a really good view from the top of the hill.


After a bit of walking around the top of the hill, we found it!


Descending the stairs again, we found some goats!


A man came over with a bag of chopped up carrots and started feeding them.

Turns out, one goat did not want to share. He was being a bully the whole time. I felt bad for the other guy. (You can hear my friends commenting on the day we had in the background of the video.)


Though we all enjoyed the day, I don’t think it was quite what we were expecting.


The view walking back down the hill was very cool!


We never made it into the castle (it’s a museum inside). I think everyone has gotten pretty tired of museums. We’ve seen a lot of them, considering this is an educational trip.


We also found a building we were convinced belonged on American Horror Story. A few of us wanted to go inside, but there’s the  problem of the others not wanting to go in, and, you know, legal issues. Like trespassing.


We decided it would be best not to go in. Beautiful building, though! Despite the dilapidated appearance.






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