Austria – Carinthia

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” -Henry Miller


Hey friends!
This weekend, we went to an organic farm Airbnb in Carinthia, Austria. It is “deep Austria,” according to one of the locals. We got a lot of looks while we walked up to our Airbnb. I guess they don’t get a lot of tourists in the area. However, they definitely should! It’s beautiful there! A little town sitting high up in the mountains, full of farm lands, and very friendly people. That is a town that you don’t want to skip over.

Even the train ride provides beautiful scenery. If you ever make the trip out, make sure to keep your eyes open.

DSCN4806 (2)DSCN4815DSCN4819

We ended up deciding to walk a bit of the way to the Airbnb that day. It was beautiful weather, and it was only about an hour walk, so we figured it was worth it. When we got there, the host family was there to greet us. They were all so nice and so welcoming. The farm was super cute, too!

DSCN4848 (1)DSCN4851 (1)

We spent the night in the separate little home they had for us. The ground floor was the kitchen, and a bathroom. For heating up our food in the kitchen, we had a wood-burning stove. It took us one slightly failed meal to figure out how to use it. But I think it worked out pretty well over all. And it was certainly a fun experience! we used what we had for bowls for our soups, and I ended up making my soup in the can. I thought that was really fun. I liked the wood burning stove a lot.



From the kitchen, a bit of stairs led up to the loft area where the bedroom and a living room area were. The living room area had two extra beds, also. So, plenty of space. There was a big open window in the living space that had a glass door leading out to a little balcony. The place was rustic, and wonderful!

DSCN4847 (1)DSCN4856

In the morning, we hit the trails! We had asked our hosts where the best place to hike was, and they told us about a path that was not far from their home. It led up a peak to a church at the top. So, after breakfast, we started climbing.

DSCN4868DSCN4869 (1)DSCN4880DSCN4895DSCN4900DSCN4907DSCN4912DSCN4933DSCN4937DSCN4940 (1)DSCN4945DSCN4957DSCN4961 (1)DSCN4973DSCN4996 (3)

As we did our exploring at the top, we found a very cool water fountain made from long, thin logs carved out in the center.

DSCN5001 (1)DSCN5009

On our way back to the farm that afternoon, I took a picture of the hills that we had scaled (I say scaled because at one point we were literally climbing, not so much hiking. We kind of went off the trail.). It was such a fun day!


When we got back to the farm, a few of us decided to do a little more walking to visit a cafe down the road. Other than that, we pretty much called it a day.


On our way to the cafe, we made a friend! I called him Doug because he looked like and acted like the dog from the movie Up. He was just a dog from one of the homes we had walked past. He followed us for a ways, then trotted on back to his home.

DSCN5036DSCN5039 (1)

The last morning, we spent a lot of time with the host family, and I took my camera out around the farm because I loved the rustic feel of the place.

DSCN5040DSCN5041 (3)

We ate breakfast with the host family, and were very well-fed! The food was fantastic, completely grown and harvested from their own farm. They made tea, coffee, biscuits, strawberry jam, cherry jam, some delicious cheeses, and honey from their own bees among other great breakfast foods. They even made eggs for us; it was a very interesting mixture of pumpkin oil, nutmeg, milk, and butter all mixed into the eggs. Everything was incredibly delicious! We even got to collect eggs from the chicken coop. And they taught a few of us how to make the biscuits and a recipe for pretzels.

DSCN5054DSCN5055 (1)DSCN5043 (1)DSCN5046DSCN5056 (1)DSCN5060DSCN5073DSCN5062

After breakfast, we were given a tour of the house. We saw where they kept all of their jams and fresh juices. They even had carrots growing in this basement area. Our host dug one up right then and there, took it upstairs, washed it, and cut slices of it for us to eat.


He also showed us the loom where they make the rugs for their house. They even spin wool to make their own yarn, and they dye them all with natural dyes.


During all of this, the host noticed that I enjoyed taking pictures, so he took me to the back yard and showed me this cable car and a few other things that he thought would make for some good pictures!


While I took pictures, he told me a wonderful story about the cable car. He said that one night while his wife was on vacation from work, he took little tealight candles and used them to create a path all the way from the house to the cable car. When his wife came home, she followed them out, and they spent the night in the cable car, laying on a bed of hay. I thought that was adorable!


Tim is the dog they have there. He was adorable! So friendly, and he absolutely loved all the attention that we gave him.

DSCN5123DSCN5127 (1)

For a little bit before we had to leave, one of the girls brought out her slack line. I had never tried this before, so it was a very unique experience! I decided I didn’t want to miss the opportunity. I ended up holding hands with someone on the ground to keep me steady the whole time. But I made my way across and back before I got off. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, to be honest. I knew it would be challenging, but I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Like the way that I got stuck standing on one foot for so long I could feel the burning muscles in my calves and thighs, all this just to try to steady myself enough to step forward with the next foot and almost fall flat on my face in the process.


My friend Amanda was also determined to try it. Though she held onto someone on the ground too, I think she was much quicker to pick it up than I was. I always knew balance wasn’t my best quality, but it was so much fun to try anyways!

DSCN5145 (1)DSCN5150DSCN5157 (5)

We all had an incredible weekend. I was so glad to have been a part of this trip.


Thanks for reading!



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