Slovenia – Starše

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch


Hey friends!

My weekend in Slovenia was definitely my favorite! I cannot express to you how incredible it is to be able to serve in a different country. I hope to be able to do it again soon! Something about serving in a place that is not familiar to you reminds you just how big the world is and how many people are left to be touched by God’s love and mercy.


My job was to help out in the chorus room! I didn’t have to do much, so I was able to spend a lot of time bonding with the kids, and getting to know them! We all learned and sang the song Geronimo (by Sheppard) together! I probably sang that song about 20 times that day, but it will forever hold good memories for me!


We also had a room for the kids to try out some instruments. There was piano, drums, guitar, and bass, with a person at each station to teach them simple cords and simple songs to play. This was the favorite part of a lot of the kids I talked to!


There were also two stations outside for baseball and American football. However, with my station being inside, I was never out there to take pictures.


After cleaning up from our time at the school that morning, Nina and Andrej (our host family for the weekend) took us out to explore the town a bit.

Photo by Eva



Eva is our hosts’ daughter. She is so much fun, and very very smart! She speaks fluent English at the age of 7, and she hardly even has an accent! Her pronunciation is very good. She also acts very mature, and is very helpful in looking after her two little brothers. She reminded me a lot of my own little sister, and she was so much fun to be around! At one point, she even took some pictures for me! She’s got a good artistic eye! I’ll point out the pictures she took as you continue reading (one of her pictures was at the top).


The moon was out in the middle of the day!


(All of us standing in the back are from the GEO trip, then sitting in front is Andrej with two of his kids, Eva and Tim.)


Eva told them how to pose and everything!

Photo by Eva


I was kind of sad to leave Slovenia, honestly. I had met some incredible people there, had a wonderful time singing and dancing with the kids, and really enjoyed being in the mountains! We saw some beautiful sights on the way out, though.




Thanks for reading!



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