Michigan (Hometown Exploration!)

The earth has music for those who listen.” – George Santayana


Hey friends!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day! The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze, and I just couldn’t stay cooped up inside. I read my book out on the deck, but that wasn’t enough. I wanted to get out and explore. I will always maintain that as amazing as it is to travel to different countries, you can always find adventure in your own hometown!


So, I convinced my mom and sister to come with me on a walk after my sister was out of school. We stopped by a little lake nearby, and made our trek around the water’s edge!


Michigan is full of lakes! You can’t go far without seeing some sort of body of water, even if it’s a little pond surrounded by grocery stores and gas stations. But it’s not hard to find one worth walking around! In fact, I grew up trying to catch frogs and poking turtles’ shells at a pond just behind my own house.

So, no matter where you are, make sure you get out and explore! There is adventure to be had, sights to see, and quality time to spend with people who you care about even near your own home. So, get out there and make memories!


Thanks for reading!



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