United States – Cross Country Trip!

Adventure is out there!” – Up


Hey friends!

I had an incredible opportunity to travel with my college’s chorus for two weeks across the country. We got to visit many different states along the way and even did a little sightseeing in Arizona.


When we got to Arizona, the real fun began! We made a special stop at the Grand Canyon for a few hours, enjoyed the view, took lots of pictures, and climbed as much as we could without risking our lives too much.

DSCN6299 (7)DSCN6300DSCN6301DSCN6302DSCN6304DSCN6312

(Quick shout out to my friend Nikki in the picture below! She also has a travel blog, with lots of other neat features like food and fashion. She’s just getting it up and running, but check it out!)


We made friends with a few critters on the canyon’s edge. The squirrels were not very shy. The lizard, on the other hand, was a bit freaked out by the stomping around of the large humans.


This is a friend from the tour, living life on the edge.


Eventually we made it to our destination: California! We stayed on Pepperdine campus. It was a beautiful place to explore when we had down time.


Each chorus got to perform their own songs in the chapel once during the weekend. The chapel had a beautiful stained glass window, but no air conditioning. It got pretty hot in there! Especially under the robes we were singing in.


During one of my many walks around the campus, I encountered a deer! I got pretty close to her before she walked off.


On our last day in California, we had time to spend the day at the beach! The bus dropped us off at the Santa Monica Peer, we split into groups and went off on our beach adventure. It was perfect weather; the sun was shining bright and there was a nice breeze to keep you comfortable. The water, on the other hand, was very cold. It took me a minute to get accustomed to that. But we had a great time diving into the waves and burying people in the sand.


The peer has a small amusement park which looked like a lot of fun. However, with the few hours we had to spend there, we decided not to go on any rides. We had already spent most of the time we had at the beach. A few of us before leaving, however, walked to the dock looking for ice cream.


This is Nikki (my friend with the awesome blog) and I waiting for the bus the return after our day at the beach.


We apparently got there early. With about ten minutes to kill, we found a really cool, oddly-shaped tree and made ourselves comfortable.


Back on campus, I set out for one more walk. I try never to waste a moment on my trips, because you never know what you’ll see!


Before we left California the next morning, my friend Emily and I decided to do some Bible reading in a really cool tree. If you go to school at Pepperdine, this is a perfect homework spot. Just saying.

DSCN6644 (1)DSCN6645

After that, we were back on the bus, and back to hours of Dungeons and Dragons.

It was an awesome trip and I was so glad to have been able to be a part of it! The United States are full of beautiful sights, and it’s always more fun to travel when you’re with friends.

Thanks for reading!



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