Maine (Mount Desert Island)

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship.” – Anonymous

Hey friends!

This summer, my family decided to go on a week long trip through the upper east side of the United States. Along the drive, there are so many beautiful sights and I always really enjoy looking out the window to see the changing of the terrain as we travel.

I’ve always been given this impression of New York as largely urban. However, there is a much larger portion of the state in which lies a beautiful countryside. With the tart smell of cows flooding into our truck, we cruised through the majority of the state in the first day. Our destination, however, was Maine.

During our few days there, we stayed atop of the beautiful Mount Desert Island.


For our first day, we wanted a fairly chill adventure. After having driven for so long, we didn’t have a lot of time in the day to do any big adventures. But we definitely wanted to get up and moving, stretch our legs being finally freed from the cramped vehicle we had spent so long in. So, we decided to drive up to the summit on the island and walk around a little.

Cadillac Summit is incredibly beautiful. Driving the path up, I was amazed at the color of the mossy rocks, the depth of the trees, and the immense fog that, at times, clouded our view of anything beyond 300 feet. It is the tallest spot on the island. Only 1,530 ft elevation at summit.


(Can’t remember the name of this place. I will enter it in as soon as I figure it out. My apologies!)


Exploring Bar Harbor was a lot of fun. I really enjoy walking around downtown areas, and this one in particular was incredibly beautiful. While we were here, we reserved ourselves a spot on a whale watching tour for the next day.


My dad had been talking about eating lobster all day. It was his perfect ending to a day on the coast. So, we ended up at the Gateway Lobster Pound where he could get his sea food while I, being the culinary connoisseur that I am, got chicken fingers. I’ve never really enjoyed sea foods much.


On our way back from dinner, we saw an incredible sunset and my dad and I just had to stop to take pictures!


Little did we know we would get an added surprise to this short photography stop! Right as we were about to leave, my dad found something in the water. (This picture was accidental. I was actually taking a picture of the sunset again, but my dad pointed right in front of the camera and I thought it a picture worth sharing.)


Playing in the water below us was a lone seal, his head dipping in and out of the water every now and then. It was a pretty cool sight to see so close to shore.


Back at the campsite, the sunset was still shining bright and gorgeous. I stood outside quite a while just enjoying the view.


We loaded our bikes onto the truck bed and left the campsite early the next day to find Witch Hole Trail. It was a fantastic, and fairly challenging path that left us feeling like conquerers when we had finished the trail.


Along the trail, we found a couple of gorgeous stone bridges. After reading a sign near the first bridge, I learned that a guy by the name of Rockefeller built these bridges. Rockefeller’s Bridges are incredibly unique because no two are architecturally alike. They are built to seem natural as well as provide passage to vistas within the park. Duck Brook Bridge in the picture below, as well as each of the other 16 bridges along Carriage Road, each took about a year to build.


For our greatest adventure in Maine, and the biggest reason why we came out this way on our trip, we went on our whale watching tour! This was by far my favorite part of our trip to Maine. We boarded the ship and found a spot on the railing on the Port (left) side, towards the Stern (back) of the vessel. (Bow (front) and Starboard (right) are the other sides, for those who were curious and didn’t know! I’ll be honest, I knew all the words meant sections of the ship, but couldn’t tell you what each was before this trip. That’s why I threw the words in here. I wanted to be able to remember them.)



In the morning, we took a quick trip out to walk a couple small hiking trails before we had to pile back into the truck and set out towards Vermont (click here to see the post about Vermont!).

One of the places my sister Kaelyn was desperate to visit was the beach. So, we stopped by this place for a quick peak, and found a spectacular view! Better yet, we found a really fun and adventurous walking path on the right (you can probably see it on the right of the panorama. Yes, we walked on top of that. It was awesome!)


You can see the beach in the back of this picture here. It was so fun climbing across the rocky ridge, looking down at the beautiful blue waters below us.


After we had finished exploring, we left Maine to head to our next destination. Read about our adventures in Vermont and New Hampshire here!

Thanks for reading!



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