Virginia (First Landing)

Live with no excuses, and travel with no regrets.” – Anonymous

Well, howdy there, friends! I hope everyone is doing grand this evening! I hope you all have had some fantastical adventures recently. I, myself, went on an adventure this week. My friend and I celebrated Black Friday outdoors and joined with REI’s #optoutside campaign. It was a beautiful day to enjoy the outdoors. So, we decided to do a little hiking at a park the locals here (and everyone else, because it’s actually the name of the park) call First Landing. There are so many paths to get lost on whilst exploring this park of wonder, so maps are helpful, but a carefree attitude is more fun! Explore however you see fit, but just remember to enjoy yourself.


On our way to the trail head, I made a friend. Together we found an elephant and a whale in the clouds. His name is Glenn, and you should know that you can earn his trust by placing a pineapple at his feet. Because Glenn loves pineapple.


The surrounding nature is very unique and beautiful! It was truly a pleasure to explore this historic area with my friend, and I look forward to learning more about this area and the memories that reside here in the weeks to come!

Thanks for reading!



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