Czech Republic – Brno

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal.” – Paulo Coelho


Hey friends!

We left early this morning to catch a train out to Brno (no, that’s not a typo) where we hoped to do some cave exploration. When we got there, we found out that the caves were a seven hour walk from where we were, and the next train didn’t leave until 2:30. The train returning from there to get us back to the correct train station was at 3:15. It was the only train back. So, ignoring our despair, we walked to the nearest cafe, and used the wifi to find out what else was available that was within walking distance. When we saw that there was a botanical garden, I basically sprinted out the door. With all these cities and buildings all around for two months, I was in need of some nature. A garden sounded perfect.

There was a nice little market on the way. They had some fruits, spices, and little flower pots. It provided a very colorful scene laying atop the gray cobblestone path.


We saw a church reaching over the buildings, and decided we could wander off the path for a minute to see it. DSCN4583DSCN4581DSCN4594DSCN4595DSCN4600DSCN4602

It’s nearly always worth it to take the time to climb the stairs! When you can get a view from higher up, looking out across the city, you can see things in a different light. You see colors you hadn’t noticed before, and buildings you might want to see before you leave. Climbing the stairs will give you a new perspective. DSCN4603DSCN4610DSCN4608DSCN4611DSCN4613DSCN4624

The botanical gardens were beautiful! There’s something about plants that inspire me, that bring my soul to life. Nature is full of beauty!DSCN4632DSCN4634DSCN4645DSCN4646DSCN4653DSCN4655DSCN4658DSCN4660DSCN4662DSCN4664DSCN4665DSCN4666DSCN4670DSCN4678DSCN4679DSCN4681DSCN4685DSCN4701

The trip turned out to be very fun, though it was not what we were originally expecting. When plans get changed, change your plans. Enjoy the adventure in the spur of the moment!DSCN4707DSCN4709




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