Austria – Milstatt

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” -Helen Keller


Hey friends!

Our first weekend in Vienna, they had a retreat planned for us in a castle in Milstatt! It was absolutely beautiful there. The castle stood steady on the side of the mountain and overlooked a lake and more mountains on the other side.

DSCN1154 (4)DSCN1179 (1)DSCN1210

There was a little dock below the castle that we walked to that day, and got some great pictures with the water mirroring the mountains!


We even came back down that night to watch the sun set behind the mountains.


The next day, we explored the town a bit.


Then later that day, we hiked the trails behind the castle, and found a beautiful view!

DSCN1404 (1)

The open fields provided an incredible view of the mountains over the lake. It would have been the perfect place for a picnic!


We didn’t stop there, though! We continued on in our explorations until we kind of got lost… Okay, we got lost. But we had an idea of the general direction of the castle, so with some determination and possibly some luck, we made it back before midnight!


The castle looked pretty cool in the night sky.


We even had time and energy to walk back down to the dock again for one last view before we left the next morning.



Thanks for reading!



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